RA-Residence Life Advisor

RA-Residence Life Advisor

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Salary: $33,000.00 per year, Salary is in addition to living on campus, room and meals provided.
Job Type: Full-Time
Number of Hires for this Role: 1


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Full Job Description

REPORTS TO: Director of Residence Life

PLACE OF WORK: Barça Residency Academy USA, located Casa Grande, AZ

BACKGROUND Please note: Per our Insurance Broker: candidate must be at least 21 years of age with a 5 year clean diving record to drive our company vehicles.

Salary is in addition to living on campus, room and meals provided.

FC Barcelona (“FCB”), one of the most revered and admired soccer teams in the world, is partnering with Grande Sports Academy (“GSA”) to create the Barça Residency Academy USA, a full-time year round residency program for boys aged 13-19. FCB will bring accomplished coaches to install the methodology, coaching techniques and core values it uses at its own youth academy, La Masia, in Barcelona, Spain to Arizona. La Masia is generally recognized throughout the world as the most successful youth soccer development program in professional soccer.

FCB has almost 40 youth developmental programs worldwide, six of which are open or soon to open in the U.S. for younger players, to instill FCB’s soccer and life skills. Barça Residency Academy USA will be the home of the most talented youth players, and will sit atop the FCB U.S. youth player development pyramid.

The Barça Residency Academy USA will compete in the US Soccer Development Academy (“USSDA”) program in the U.S., comprised of the top 70 or so youth soccer development academies in the U.S. The Barça Residential Academy USA is the first USSDA team in history to have one of the top professional soccer teams in the world providing full-time coaches and in a high-quality training, educational, and residential environment in the U.S.

Grande Sports Academy has been one of the top USSDA academies in the United States. Grande Sports Academy was the first to offer a complete residency program that included dorms, daily nutrition, a $20 million dollar superior athletic complex, safety, security, tutoring, college preparation, and to be affiliated with an MLS team. Every Grande Sports Academy graduate has signed a professional contract or earned a college scholarship to schools such as Stanford, UCLA and Virginia. Overall 68 GSA graduates have competed on one of their country’s National Teams. GSA teams have won one US Soccer Development Academy National Championship, finished second twice and competed in the National Finals in four of its first five years of existence.


The Resident Advisor (RA) serves as an educator, counselor, administrator, role model and team member for the Barca residents. The RA works to create and maintain a healthy environment for the academic, athletic and personal growth of the students. The nature of the position is such that its responsibilities are determined not so much by a time clock or a calendar, but by the needs of residents. Some periods will require more time than average, and responsibilities will arise that cannot always be anticipated and scheduled. The RA position, by its very nature, requires an individual who is acutely sensitive to the needs of students; can be flexible regarding time demands, is willing and able to relate to a wide variety of individuals; is knowledgeable about the student-athlete experience, can perform essential administrative tasks, and has a genuine desire to be of service to others. The RA’s must work together as a team to ensure consistency of policies, the fluidity of the schedule, and that each RA has their respective time off.

Main Responsibilities

•RA will reside on site. RA will be expected to assume some “RA-On Duty” night and weekend shifts. The RA On Duty is expected to be on property and conduct Room Checks — 10pm on weekdays, and 11pm on weekends.

•Assists the team on some occasions with laundry and manages student-athletes in the locker-room. Assist with the maintenance of the locker-room and PC, equipment, water bottles etc.

•Supervise the players cleaning up after eating in the dining lounge.

•Be on-call for impromptu driving as needed (needs to go to the doctor, dentist, etc). Maintains communication with the transportation and prepares lists for Walmart and Mall trips etc.

•Actively participates in the development of a weekly schedule and monthly calendar designed to respond to the needs of residents.

•Respond to texts, calls and email daily, especially from other RA’s and students.

•Complete all paperwork and assignments as requested and submit them in a timely manner.

•Be a team player!

Programming & Community Development

•Encourage student involvement in the community.

•Be regularly available and accessible to address resident needs or concerns.

•Perform as a mediator in conflicts among residents and staff.

•Work cooperatively with residents to ensure an environment that displays respect for the rights and privacy of others and promotes consideration of individual needs in a group living environment.

•Respond appropriately to students in crisis–physical, emotional, through assessment, action, or referral to another RA and follow-up.

•Initiates programs and activities that address the social and educational aspects of the residents’ lives. Considers the needs of a diverse population when developing programs.


•Communicates policies and the rationale behind them to residents.

•Confront residents who break a rule and take appropriate action.

•Cooperate with and support other staff members.

•Attend discipline conferences.

Role Modeling & Attitude

•Lead by example and influence, promote and encourage responsible behavior among residents.

•Act as a positive role model both for fellow staff members and residents by not participating in questionable or unethical behavior.

•Maintains confidentiality with staff-related or student matters, including incident documentation, health issues and disciplinary status of residents.

•Treats fellow employees and students with courtesy and respect.

•Assesses needs and interests of residents by interacting with them on a regular basis.

•Has a positive attitude about resident life, and works to motivate students in both their academic, athletic and personal lives.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities Required

•Knowledge of concepts, principles and practices of counseling particularly as they apply to young adults.

•Knowledge of data collection and report preparation and presentation.

•Knowledge of planning, organizing, implementing and coordinating student programs and services.

•Skill in administering student discipline and in handling crisis situations.

•Skill in communications, interpersonal skills in interaction with students, teachers, parents and members of the Francisco Grande team.

•Skill in mentoring and providing leadership to students.

•Skill in organizing a variety of activities and events for students.

•Skill in recognizing, analyzing and developing solutions to a variety of problem situations as they relate to residency students.

•Ability to work with highly confidential information.

•Computer proficient in Excel, Publisher, Word and PMS.

•Knowledge and participation in sports essential.

•In addition to items noted above, ability to walk the property, climb stairs, ability to stand, ability to lift 50 lbs.

Clean Driver’s License is required.

The RA will be given a room on property to live, and meals will be provided, plus wages and benefits.

How to Apply

Application Instructions for Francisco Grande, Grande Sports World, and Barca Residency Academy USA. Please read the following instructions before applying to this job opportunity. These instructions will provide the best chances for your application and resume to be reviewed for consideration.

Download the instructions & application.